Lower Energy Consumption is Good Business.

The demand for energy is growing; supply is not. As hydro prices rise over the coming decades, the quality of decisions you make today will impact your ability to manage and sustain profitable operations.

Lighting, the focus of energy cost containment, can account for 40 % of total overall energy usage. LED bulb replacements can reduce use by 50 % however, LED fixture replacements can reduce energy use by 75% at a similar acquisition cost. Even with no hydro price increases the operating cost of an LED fixture will be much lower.

Illumineer Group products, services, and subject matter expertise aim to optimize client illumination, energy use, installation, repairs, and maintenance.

For years domestic and international clients have relied on Illumineer to certify luminaires for use in Canada. Our project experience includes Yankee Stadium, Brookfield Place, and London Heathrow.

Conveniently located near Toronto Pearson Airport, we invite you to learn how Illumineer products, services, and subject matter expertise will help you keep the lights on; literally!

We offer energy management consulting services, custom solid state LED lighting fixture design, fabrication, parts, repairs, retrofits, certifications, and recycling. And we fix any, and all, lamps.

Contact us today to learn how Illumineer can put your business in the best possible light.