Custom Lighting Solutions

Illumineer engineering expertise stems from testing light fixtures for North American compliance since 2004. We also serve

  • Architects & Designers who need innovative solutions for demanding clients.
  • Property Managers who need affordable energy-efficient lighting systems.
  • Electrical Contractors who need support and products that are easy to install, repair, maintain, and recycle.
  • Property Owners and Maintenance Managers who need parts, repairs, or services to maintain or upcycle (LED) existing fixtures.


Any problem, situation or decision that involves lighting should involve Illumineer because faulty assumptions about lighting technology have LED to painful consequences (we field the calls when things go wrong).

We offer service, support and subject matter expertise for those who need to reduce energy use through existing or new light fixtures. For example, many will put LED tubes in florescent fixtures to reduce energy use by 50%  without ever learning 75 % could be achieved for a similar cost (with added benefits).

As the financial implications of carbon emission cap and trade regulations are quantified this information will be critical to optimization and sustained cost containment.

Contact us to put yourself in a better light.